Who Can Qualify For Medicare?

Who Can Qualify For Medicare?

the medicare trust fund is already in trouble. the medicare trust fund is going to run out of money in 2024. if we do nothing, seniors would lose thousands of dollars in benefits. if we don't act now, the problem will only get worse. these are the facts. joining me now is a former chairman of the budget

The Situation Room CNN Dec 5, 2012 1:00pm PST the country. i will make a deal with congress. i'm not going to compromise on my principles, my beliefs, but i will tell them, look, folks, i want to solve this problem just as much as you do, you know, let's work together. i'll negotiate hard. >> president obama, first lady michelle obama and their daughters are in hawaii this week for their annual christmas vacation. one of the most popular spots for the first family is the sandy beach at the marine corps base lehala, where the president went surfing yesterday. by the way, they are also enjoying a buffet style dinner at a luau. it started at around 6:00. it was catered by local restaurants and it was a big hit. the first family is going to stop at a sunset barbecue today and visit a local school. the president and first lady will return to washington on friday. >>> right now, we want to check in with some of our other top stories. a judge in italy has issued a preliminary ruling to keep former prime minister silvio berlusconi out of parliament. the one-time media mogul was forced out of office after his final appeal was rejected. he's accused of buying sex with a minor

FOX and Friends Sunday FOX News Dec 9, 2012 3:00am PST and the white house.

>> this is a big deal.

i was shocked when chris wall spoke out.

at first it didn't seem like a big deal because many of us have suspected this.

but the white house and the president have denied any of this and they have taken it to an extreme saying it's making a mountain out of a molehill.

the problem is that the more they denied it, the more they made a mountain of a molehill and the more they dug themselves.

chris wallace is not the only one and now all of a sudden they are backing away from him.

by the way, is backtracking from the president.

he said in a recent interview, i don't think it's appropriate to say that.

there's no evidence of that at this point.

so now you wonder what the truth is.

they are making a big deal about the fact that they are fixing it and they are going to add more security to the embassies.

the question is, is there a bigger picture here?

>> there is a bigger picture.

you've got the egyptian ambassador saying the other day, i don't understand why this is such a big deal.

this is the way it is in the muslim world.

this is just the way it is.

it's a very disturbing.

Markets Now FOX Business Dec 4, 2012 1:00pm EST this on the issue of gun control.

the president's chief of staff, jack lew, this week said that this is no big deal.

this is a security issue.

the president will address this in his state of the union address.

that will be in late january.

the question is, is the president really going to be able to push through some type of new gun control legislation?

>> liz: brad, i saw your mouth drop, and you did not answer the question, but you did not answer the question.

>> i don't know what the president is going to do.

the best thing he can do is appoint a new head of the nra, the national rifle association, so we don't have this guy, wayne la pook.

he can appoint a gun control advocate to the head of the nra and see if that will change anything.

>> brad: happy holidays.

>> let's hope he does something on the front of this.

>> liz: let's hope he does something in the new year on this.

now to the markets.

they are in the green today.

they are doing fine.

joining us is nicole petallides.

we are doing a great job.

the dow is up.

Americas News Headquarters FOX News Dec 8, 2012 1:00pm PST out for the president to say, you know what, this is a big issue for me.

i'm not going to let it slide anymore.

>> fair enough.

so you're saying that it is the president's idea to repeal this?

>> absolutely.

you can go back to his interview with jon stewart.

he is absolutely committed to gun control.

and -- >> that is what i'm saying.

he has to put some political capital behind it.

>> he absolutely has to.

because the senate has not passed a single piece of gun control legislation since the newtown shooting.

>> i'm sorry, but you can't call that gun control.

>> absolutely.

>> that is not gun control.

>> you're right.

i stand corrected.

>> we have to get more specific about what we're talking about.

>> i agree.

>> more guns on the streets is not the answer.

>> that's right.

>> i would have to disagree with liz on that.

>> more guns on the streets is not the answer.

>> that's right.

it is not the answer.

thank you very much for joining us.

>> thank you.

>> all right.

new details this week about the deadly attack on the u.


consulate in libya.

there is a new report out on the attack.

we will talk about the report next.

plus, the latest on the death of an american ambassador.

Americas News Headquarters FOX News Dec 8, 2012 9:00am PST 's going to be their big issue. they're trying to broaden their base to appeal to more people. they're trying to show the american public that they're not just about the economy. they can also address

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