When Do I Need To Sign Up For Medicare?

When Do I Need To Sign Up For Medicare?

— julie flores ( )

I'm retired and my husband is on a pension and social security benefits.

we have medicare and medicaid.

my question is are we eligable for any medicare prescription coverage?

— cheryl kopp ( ).

I have a question about medicare.

i worked at a job for a month and was laid off.

can i still get my meds paid for?

— connie krauss ( ).

I am 62 yrs old.

I am on SSI and am on Medicare Part D.

I am not on Medicare Part A or Medicare Part B.

Can I still get Medicare prescription drugs?

— Mary Smith ( ).

What can I do to get help covering my prescription drugs?

— mary ( ).

I am a senior citizen on medicare.

I've been paying $260 a month for the last 6 months for my medications.

I'm having a hard time paying for them.

Is there any help out there that I can get some help or a discount on my meds?

— felicia johnson ( ).

I am on a fixed income.

My husband is deceased.

I am on Medicare and medicare.

What is the best procedure for me in order to get my meds at a reduced cost?

— martha ( ).

I am on SS & am disabled.

I have been on Medicare for 6 months.

I recently had a stroke and am on medications, but I don't have insurance to cover them.

I have Medicare Part D, so I am paying $15.

00/month, but I am still in the hole.

I can't afford $15.

00/month, so my question is are there any programs that would help me with my medications?

— Shirley ( ).

I have had medicare for 2 years, and my doctor switched me from my usual medication to one that made my condition worse and caused me to have episodes of passing out. I am unable to go back to work and am fighting a legal battle to receive social security disability. I am wondering if medicare would assist with the cost of a medication that will help me to remain healthy and be able to work. — Corinne ( )

I am currently on Social Security disability and have Medicare Part D.

The problem is that my doctor prescribed a medication that is retailing for $700.

00 for 4 months supply.

I have not been on the medication long enough to determine its effectiveness, but I am afraid I cannot afford to purchase it, even with my insurance.

What can I do?

— Jerry ( ).

I am on Medicare Part A & B and have a routine check up scheduled.

I have been on some medications since 1996.

My doctor has changed some of my medications and I have a new prescription for pain management.

I was told that I would have to pay $926.

00 for 90 days, so I have not filled the prescription.

I am concerned that I will not be able to get the medications.

I have an appointment on the 15th of April with my doctor, but I am not sure if this will be the day he gives me the new prescription.

I am worried that I will have to wait another week to get a new prescription.

So, my question is can I get the prescription filled before the 15th of April, or do I have to wait?

— Carol ( ).

Im 45 years old and I have a daughter that is going to be 22. I have a problem with the fact that I did sign up for medicare. I did not sign up for medicare because the state of Virginia is giving me enough money. I want to just have my own money. I don't have to go through no state. I am on disability and I can't get any help with the pills that I take. It's very hard for me to get the amount of pills that I need. You have to take them. I am wondering if I can get any help with the drugs that I take. I don't work, I am disabled. — Nancy ( )

I am on Medicare and I can't afford my medications. I had to stop taking my sleep meds and now I have trouble sleeping. My doctor is not concerned about my sleep meds because he says I am not really taking them. I need help! — Carol B ( )

I am currently on Medicare Part D.

I have been taking a medication for many years and have been paying out of pocket.

I have recently been told my prescription Advantage plan has changed my prescription to a generic.

At first I was told I would have to pay for both the brand and generic of the medication.

I argued with the pharmacist and was told I needed to go to my doctor and ask them to write a prescription for the brand only.

I called my doctor's office and they said that they couldn't do anything for me and that I would have to pay $90 for the brand and $5 for the generic.

I don't believe this is right.

I feel I should be able to take the brand of the medication I have been taking for years without having to pay $100 a month.

Why can't I get the brand of the medication and pay the $5 generic copay?

— Irma ( ).

I am on Medicaid and I am on the Part D for Medicare. I am in need of my medications. I have to pay $800. for a month of medication. I have to take 4 differents pills. I was under the impression that Medicaid would pay for my prescriptions. I can't afford to pay for my prescriptions. I have no choice but to not take my pills. I live in Kentucky. I am a retired woman and I am depending on the Medicaid Plan to pay for my prescriptions, but I don't think it is going to happen. — Betty W ( )

My husband is retired and I am on meds from my job. I pay $110 a month for meds. I am going to retire in September. My husband will be getting social security and I will be on social

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