When Can I Change My Medicare Supplemental Insurance Plan?

When Can I Change My Medicare Supplemental Insurance Plan?

I just got a new job and I was told the insurance covers my medicare supplemental insurance for the first six months. My company sent me a new insurance card with a different policy number than what I had before. This new policy covers more services but has a higher premium. I am wondering if I can change my medicare supplemental insurance plan now that I have the new insurance card with the policy number. I would like to change my medicare supplemental insurance plan from the group insurance plan to a more comprehensive plan.

What is the average insurance premium in USA?

Car insurance for bad drivers?

can i get car insurance if i do not have a car?

"Auto insurance policy, renewal, mid-term?


Auto insurance policy, renewal, mid-term?


Need help finding cheap auto insurance?

I'm a 19 year old female and I just got my license about a month ago and I just started driving, I have not had any problems with traffic tickets or accidents and I'm insured through my parents but I need to find a good auto insurance quote and a company that doesn't have outrageous rates or high monthly payments. I'm a first time driver and I don't have any credit history at all. Any help is greatly appreciated. I live in Michigan."

"Why is auto insurance so high to begin with, then why is it even more expensive to be added to a lease?


I understand that auto insurance is high, however I am confused as to why it would be even higher to be added to my lease.

I was told by an agent that it is because it would be considered a lien on the car, and thus would raise my insurance.

Is this true?


"How much will my car insurance go up when I get a speeding ticket if I'm 17 and a G1 driver?


If I get a speeding ticket in the next few weeks, how much will my car insurance go up?

I'm a G1 driver (17 years old) and I live in Ontario.

I was pulled over for doing 80km in a 60km zone and they fined me for doing too much over.

I don't have any other tickets or accidents.



How much more for snow tires?

I live in the New England area. My car is a w/d and the drive tires are all season radials. The back two are snow rated. I'm curious how much more it would be to add snow tires to all four wheels.

ANSWER: I might suggest one to visit this internet site where one can compare quotes from the best companies: http://insuranceforcheap.




How much will my car insurance cost?

I'm a new driver, I'm 16 and have had my license for a couple months now. I'm interested in getting a new car and want to know how much my insurance will be. I live in Massachusetts and I have good grades. I was wondering if anyone could give me a rough estimate of how much I will pay for my car insurance. Thanks!"

Insurance cost for a 16 year old?

I'm thinking about getting a 89 honda accord, 1.6l ish, Vtech. What would the insurance cost per year be, just for a basic policy?

What is the best life insurance company for a 23 year old and who is the best for a 26 year old?

Health insurance for young adults?

Am looking for health insurance for 21 year old son and 22 year old daughter.

Actually looking for a cheap plan for just medical coverage.

I need to get it for them, but I can't afford it and I can't be on it.

I make too much to get any kind of assistance.

I'm very nervous because son has had a few hospital stays already and I am afraid it will happen again and we will have to pay over $10,000.

00 when it does.

I can't afford insurance $500.

00 a month so I am looking for something $100.

00 a month or less.

Can anyone help me?


"How much can I expect my car insurance to be?


I am 17 and just got my license and bought a car. I am insured under my parents insurance and i live in wisconsin if that helps.

"Which is better for an investment portfolio, Mutual Funds or ETFs?


Which is better for an investment portfolio, Mutual Funds or ETFs?

How much does the average person pay for auto insurance?

I live in New York, and I'm 26 years old. I have state farm insurance. How much does the average person pay?

Can the insurance company refuse to pay for the rental car?

I am renting a car for the first time, and was involved in an accident.

I am covered by personal insurance, and my insurance company is going to reimburse me for the rental.

However, the rental company is refusing to give me the car because I was not at fault.

The police report clearly states that the other driver was at fault.

So, my question is, can the rental company refuse to give me the car?

Can they keep my money?

I'm not sure how to proceed or how to get my money back.

Any advice would be very much appreciated.



Can I get a cheap driver insurance?

I just turned 17 and I'm getting my license but I am not sure if I can get a cheap driver insurance?

I want a cheap one that covers everything….

"How do I find out the

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