When Can I Apply For Medicare?

When Can I Apply For Medicare?

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CBS Evening News CBS Feb 7, 2013 6:00pm PST for medicare?

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>>> the senate is set to vote tomorrow on a budget deal to avoid spending cuts that would have forced the furlough of 750,000 defense workers.

the spending bill would reduce the deficit by $23 billion over the next decade.

it also would avoid automatic cuts that would set in as scheduled march 1.

republicans have criticized the bill for failing to completely address the deficit and make any cuts in the entitlement programs.

and i should note the bill's supporters have not yet been able to line up the 60 votes needed.

CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley CBS Feb 1, 2013 5:30pm PST for medicare?

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CBS This Morning CBS Feb 7, 2013 7:00am EST , because it affects a lot of people. and we're going to talk to a retired medicare consumer representative who says she's not worried about the future of medicare. [ male announcer ] we all make bad decisions. like say, gas station sushi. cheap is good. and sushi, good. but cheap sushi, not so good. it's like that super-low rate on not enough car insurance. pretty sketchy. ♪ and then there are the good decisions. like esurance. their coverage counselor tool helps you choose the right coverage for you at a great price. and if you get into an accident, esurance beats the other guys' rates by 30% while giving you 5% cash back on every premium dollar you spend. noty. it's insurance for the modern world. esurance. now backed by allstate. click or call. esurance. now backed by allstate. ♪ [ male announcer ] the way it moves. the way it cleans. everything about the oral-b power brush is simply revolutionary. oral-b power brushes oscillate, rotate and even pulsate to gently loosen and break up that sticky plaque with more brush movements than manual brushes and even up to 50% more than leading sonic technology brushes. and best of all, it's

CBS This Morning CBS Feb 3, 2013 7:00am PST . medicare and medicaid are going to be cut in their funding. you know, the irony of that is, and it's not just a conservative thing, it's a liberal thing. but the irony of that is, the money you save by cutting medicare and medicaid, is less money you've got to put into investment in education, research and development and infrastructure and economic development in the future. >> you're not going to get a lot of argument from me. >> that's why it's so crazy. >> john dickerson, thanks so much. >>> the white house is vowing to veto a senate republican budget plan. you'll hear from the president's budget director about the differences between the two plans and how congress can avoid falling off the fiscal cliff. >>> and we'll have a conversation with john carroll, one of the few people who's seen both sides of the fence. he was in the white house as a correspondent for the "boston globe," and now he writes for the conservative "national review" and "weekly standard

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