What Is The Average Cost Of Supplemental Insurance For Medicare?

What Is The Average Cost Of Supplemental Insurance For Medicare?

What is the average cost of supplemental insurance for medicare?

I have no health insurance what can i do?

I am 16 i need to get my wisdom teeth out so i am going to the dentist and they said they would extract them because it isnt worth it to get fake teeth. but they want me to pay 90 dollars for the extraction. I dont have money because i am a highschool student and have no income what can i do because i will die without my teeth.

ANSWER: I suggest you to try this website where you can compare quotes from different companies: http://cheapinsurancequotes1.




Is it illegal if i work for a dentist without my own insurance?

I work for a dentist and she doesnt cover me under her insurance.

My plan is through my parents, which she knows.

I dont mind, because i only work for her once a week and she pays me more than the average dental assistant.

The only thing that bothers me is that when i worked at the dentist office, i saw that she had a plan for her employees and they were paying like $20 a month for dental.

Is this illegal?


How do I get dental insurance?

Im 16 years old and I want to start getting my teeth cleaned a couple times a year, but I can't because my parents don't have dental insurance. I used to get it as a baby but I don't remember how I got it. How do I get it?

Where can I get cheap dental insurance?

I am a 20 year old college student and I have no dental insurance. I need to get some work done on my teeth because I have gone way too long without it. I am not looking for anything too expensive, just something that will get my teeth cleaned regularly and other basic things. Can anyone help me find something?

What does generic, brand name, and over the counter mean?

What is the average cost of an orthodontist?

I'm going to have braces soon and I was wondering how much I will have to pay. I'm a broke teenager and need to know what I can expect to spend. Thanks!"

Where can I get affordable dental insurance?

How much would insurance be on a 1999 BMW 323i?

I am 17 years old and don't have a car. I want to get one but I don't know how much insurance would be. I heard its expensive. I live in California, so if anyone knows anything about the insurance costs that would be great. Thanks."

Car Insurance Question?

I am a 17 year old student in high school that lives with his parents.

As of now i am driving without insurance because i cant afford it.

If i were to get into a car accident and had to use my parents insurance, would they have to pay for my car payment as well?

Or would they just pay for the damages?


How much would insurance cost for these cars?

84 Nissan 300zx 84 Nissan 300zx 88 Nissan 300zx 91 Nissan 300zx 89 Datsun 240z 92 Nissan 300zx 87 Nissan 300zx 91 Mazda RX7 89 Nissan 300zx 91 Nissan 300zx (turbo) 89 Toyota supra

Car insurance for a 15 year old?

Im turning 16 in may and im looking at getting a car as a present for my 16th birthday in april. Ive never really been interested in cars but i am now. I like sporty cars like the mazda rx8 and the mazda 6 or something like that. The thing is i need a car that is low insurance. I dont care what the car looks like really im 16 and i need a car. If anyone knows about what cars have low insurance for a 16 year old please comment. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!"

Roughly how much will my insurance go up if I run a red light while driving a motorcycle?

What if I pay the ticket, will my insurance go up then?

Which insurance company for car is cheap?

Where can i get cheap dental insurance?

What is the average cost of insurance on a 17 year old?

Well first of all I am a girl… and I'm 17 years old.

I live in California.

I am going to be taking drivers ed soon and getting my permit and I need to know what insurance will be for me.

I have no driving experience whatsoever! What is the average cost of a year for car insurance in California?

I do NOT want my parents to pay for it! I want to pay for it myself.

I need to know a rough estimate before I begin to take driving classes.

Thanks :-)".

Will my insurance go up if I get pulled over and I have my permit but my mom was the one driving?

I am 16 and I have a permit and I'm learning how to drive. I've been taking a drivers ed course for two weeks now and I have 2 more weeks to go. My mom was driving a couple of blocks with me in the passenger side. I don't have full coverage insurance, just liability for one car.

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