What Is Medicare Plan B?

What Is Medicare Plan B?

>> well, it's a plan that would stop the planned cuts to physician payments and instead of cutting payments to physicians by 4% it would freeze them for one year.

>> and there was a study that came out last month that said that if it becomes a gradual cut in those payments over the next 10 years, it would take $700 billion from the medicare budget.

how would you respond to a study like that?

>> well, you know, i think we need to talk to real doctors in real situations because these are the people who are going to be treating our seniors.

in fact, when you look at the cbo projection of what the president's plan would do to medicare, it would make things worse.

The Ed Show MSNBC Oct 3, 2012 5:00pm PDT made his choice. >> obama care is on the ballot. >> the president was in las vegas trying to get a jump start for early voting in nevada. he talked about last week's debate between mitt romney and president obama. >> the choice is clear. america is going to move forward. we've made too much progress to return to the policies of the last. we've come too far to abandon what made this economy so strong in the first place. we've got to move forward, not backward. >> president obama leads in the latest polling in nevada, and he's trying to give his team a boost. >> early voting is underway in nevada. voters began casting ballots last week and have eight days to cast their ballots. the president was joined in las vegas by bruce springsteen, who is performing at a rally tonight. the president also appeared on the twilight zone series. >> the president's campaign claimed that mitt romney's remark about cutting funding to pbs was a poor attempt at humor. the obama team noted that romney loves the

The Ed Show MSNBC Oct 2, 2012 5:00pm PDT george w.

bush's medicare plan.

>> i know my plan was a good one because it worked.

>> tonight, president obama will get aggressive in the final week of the campaign.

that's coming up.

>>> plus, the romney campaign has a new ad.

it's false and misleading, but it could still help mitt romney win the election.


we'll break it down coming up.

>>> later, my interview with steve kroft of cbs' "60 minutes.

" he's talking about his interview with clint eastwood.

you don't want to miss this.

>>> and a flood of corporate money is trying to convince you that barack obama and mitt romney have a secret plan to take away your medicare and social security.

don't buy it.

today, we're launching a new campaign that will reach millions of americans during this election.

tell your friends and family they will never see their social security.

>>> welcome back to "the ed show.

" the first presidential debate is in the books and mitt romney is trying to use it to turn the race around.

>> i'd like to compliment president obama on his debating skill.

i'm glad that i got the chance to debate these issues with l.

The Ed Show MSNBC Oct 3, 2012 8:00pm PDT . >>> tonight, president obama is back on the campaign trail. he is in nevada after spending the day in ohio. the president is facing direct attacks from his opponent on the issue of medicare. president obama will respond to those attacks tonight. mitt romney is throwing red meat to his supporters. the republican nominee is making a play for the conservative vote by attacking the u.s. supreme court decision on stem cell research. and polls show the president's lead is shrinking among women voters. our campaign coverage today starts with ed schultz. he's got the "schultz report" tonight. >>> good evening, americans. welcome to "the schultz report." you can call me schultz. i'm in for ed. mitt romney seems to be trying to do what he always does. he's trying to change the subject. he's trying to change the subject and change his positions. this time, it's about medicare and austerity. mitt romney wants to strip seniors of their social security and medicare. that's what he said in the debate. >> you want to make deep cuts in education funding, in clean energy technology, in research and development, all the things that are going to keep america

The Ed Show MSNBC Oct 3, 2012 12:00am PDT 's right. president obama's plan to strengthen medicare will give older americans the choice of a public health insurance plan. it will reduce costs. and it will add years to seniors' lives. >> i believe the reforms we put in place are necessary. and i don't think were going to be able to do those without having some additional revenue stream to pay for those costs. >> we're not going to have a choice. that's the problem with the president's plan. it will cut 500 billion out of medicare. we'll have fewer services. we'll have more cost. we'll have to wait longer. that's not a good deal for seniors. >> tonight as we head into the final stretch of this election season, i believe president obama made the best case for why he should be reelected. the president's plan will strengthen medicare. mitt romney's plan will kill medicare by privatizing it. no wonder romney wants to change the subject. he's the one who says he's not going to cut one dollar out of medicare. he's the one who says he's going to repeal the affordable care act. ro

The Ed Show MSNBC Oct 2, 2012 8:00pm PDT social security and medicare. i don't want to cut social security. i don't want to cut medicare. >> president obama leads mitt romney by five points in nevada. >> the president's plan is one that

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