What Does Medicare Cover For Diabetics?

What Does Medicare Cover For Diabetics?

+ I'm in the process of licensure in the state of Utah.

My next step is to submit my fingerprints through the system.

I have read several times that the submission will automatically initiate the background check.

The instructions on the state website say submit fingerprints, take the next exam and submit to background check.

Is that true?

I read that the background check takes 4-6 weeks so I am a little worried that I have to pay for the exam and wait.

I just need some clarification.

Thank you!.

My brother was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes when he was 18 and has had to take injections of insulin for 60 years. Before the insulin shots were available, he had to have his blood sugar tested every day. He could never be alone and was not allowed to drink coffee or tea. He also could not smoke. He had to get to know his body so very well.

I was surprised to see that I had been diagnosed with diabetes. I didn't know what to do or think. I thought I was going to die, and I was very worried. This is when I learned about Type 2 diabetes. I also found out that I was not alone.

My husband was the same way. His blood sugar levels were not always high, so he was able to use the oral medicines. His blood sugar levels were more stable with the oral medicines. My husband now has to take insulin for Type 2 diabetes.

I am glad to see that you're taking your medications for Type 2 diabetes. You should continue to take them. I hope that you have a great day!

Low energy, day after day, is a hallmark of type 2 diabetes.

I am a 60 yr old white female who is in very good health and have not had any major health issues.

I have been having a problem for the last 3 months and have seen my M.


He said that my blood pressure and cholesterol was fine and I was scheduled for a colonoscopy.

During the colonoscopy the endoscopy nurse told me that I had a large liver.

I have had no other symptoms.

I did have a sore on my lower left abdominal area for approx.

3 weeks and just thought that it was a small boil.

I had a liver ultrasound done and it showed that I have fibrosis.

I have been told that I have Type 2 diabetes but have not taken any medication for it.

My questions are: How did I get Type 2 diabetes?

Can I reverse this problem?

Can it be cured?


Diabetes can sometimes occur in people with no other signs of diabetes, and with no other evidence that they have a problem. These cases are very rare, but they can happen.

The symptoms you describe, a swollen liver, usually occur as part of a complication of diabetes called nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD). This is a disease of insulin resistance. There are several abnormal conditions that can occur with NAFLD, but only one of them (cirrhosis) is life threatening. The other conditions that can occur with NAFLD are not life threatening. However, all of the conditions can cause the liver to be swollen and painful.

In addition to the pain in your liver, you would also have the classic symptoms of diabetes, increased thirst, increased urine, increased appetite, increased weight and blurred vision.

I would recommend that you have a blood test for diabetes. If the test is positive, you will need to have a glucose tolerance test to find out if you have type 1 or type 2 diabetes.

If your blood sugar levels are high, you will need to start on a medication to lower your blood sugar. If your blood sugar levels are normal, I would recommend that you have an ultrasound of your liver and possibly a biopsy of your liver to be certain of the diagnosis.

If you have NAFLD, I would recommend that you make some changes in your diet. You can find a lot of information on the web on what to eat and what not to eat. You can also find a chart of what foods have high glycemic index and high glycemic load.

If you have a lot of fat around your liver, you can expect this fat to diminish as you lose weight, as you will if you follow a healthy diet.

If you have pain, you may need to take pain medicines, and you may want to have the pain evaluated by a pain specialist.

You can ask for an appointment with a medical nutritionist. They can also help you with some of the changes that you need to make in your diet.

If your blood sugar levels are not normal, it does not mean that you have a cure for diabetes. However, it does mean that you will be able to keep your blood sugar levels under control.

I hope this helps,


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