What Age Do You Have To Be To Get Medicare?

What Age Do You Have To Be To Get Medicare?

how old do you have to be to get medicare?

and what are the rules for medicare recipients?

i'm quite sure the answer is not in the faq!.

So we just started a new game of civ 4, and we started a game with a custom civ. We then found out that we could not change the civ, as it said that it was already taken. But we thought that it was just a glitch, so we deleted it, made another and it said that it was taken, even though we were the only Civ playing.

The problem is that it is a stupid waste of time to restart all over again and play as the default civs. Does anyone know how to fix this?

Yea, I have a similar problem. The game is Civ 4, but maybe there's a way to fix it in Civ 6. I will try to make this as detailed as possible to help anyone who reads this.

So basically, my friend and I started up a game of Civ 6.

I decided to make a custom civ, and started with Egypt.

I made a civilization that wasn't supposed to be a real civilization, like the Zulu and the Aztec.

The next thing we did was to start a game.

I played my custom civ, and he played France.

We got to the Industrial Age and it was me against him.

He had a huge military compared to mine, and so, I surrendered.

I exited the game and went to the world set-up screen, and saved the game as normal.

The next day, I came back and started the game again.

I made my civ and started the game up.

The thing I noticed immediately was that it was a default civ, and not my custom civ.

I thought it was just a glitch.

So, I played a few turns, and everything was fine.

Then, I thought to myself, why not start a new game?

I started the game up and made another custom civ again.

I saved the game, and exited, just in case.

I came back, started up the game, and noticed that the civilization I had previously made was gone.

Not only had I lost my civilization, but I had lost all my progress I had made.

In fact, I had lost all progress I had made not only on my current game, but all progress I had made in the game itself.

I had only one other save from before my last save.

Since I didn't lose anything on that save, that's when I decided to make this post.

I have no idea what caused this. I have no idea if it happens to other people. But, it happened to me, and it's extremely frustrating. I haven't done anything to fix this, but I will if I can.

I have only had the game for a few days, and I haven't done anything with mods at all. So, I don't expect there to be a mod causing this. I don't believe that mods would be the cause of this, anyway. The next time I lose all my progress, I will list all mods and what order I installed them in, etc.

Just to clarify, I have lost all progress in my game. My friend never lost any progress in his game, so it's not just a "friend" glitch. I'm not sure what causes it, but I'm guessing it would be a mod, or something else.

I will update this thread with more information if I can.

I've tried searching and haven't found a post like this.

So I was playing a game of Civ 6 and got to the industrial age and made a custom civ. I made a civ based on the Aztecs and the Zulu. I had a great army and was ready to attack when my friend surrendered. I ended the game and went to the save screen and saved the game as normal. The next day I came back and started the game again and I noticed that it no longer had a custom civ. My custom civ was there in the list of civilizations, but when I tried to use it, it told me that it was taken. I checked the "civs" and noticed that my custom civ was still there. I deleted it and tried to make another one like it, but it still wouldn't let me make it. I deleted all the civs and tried to make the same one again, and it was still taken. I tried to make other civs and it told me that they were taken as well. Does anyone know how to fix this?

I have been trying since the past 24hours to install the spanish flag, and the spanish culture, but I just can't get it to work.

I have the civ V disk, and the Spainsh flag.zip and the spanish.zip.

I have tried everything that I can think of, making a mod file, modding the script, and even tried the mod manager, but nothing works.

I have tried to install the files through the script editor but it says every time that it is not a valid file.

Is it because I have the latest patch?

I have tried the search function but have found nothing that is relevant.

Any suggestions?

I just started a new game of Civ 6 and I am going to play the English.

However, I just am not into it.

My partner wants to play the civilization of the Incas, so I was wondering if this is possible?

I just started a new game, but I was just wondering if this could be done.

If it is possible, how can I do it?

Any help would be appreciated!.

Hi everyone, I've been playing CIV 5 for a while and have just built a custom civilization. I've been customizing it all day, and I've got it exactly how I want it (as far as the graphics). I've tried to export it, but the save file is called

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