What Age Do You Apply For Medicare?

What Age Do You Apply For Medicare?

if you're younger than 65, it's not that simple. it all depends on your work and your income. information about medicare is available on medicare.gov. you can find out if you qualify by using the "plan checker" tool, and learn about the options that can help you get the most from medicare. calling medicare about medicare, don't guess. get answers. find out what medicare does and doesn't cover. and pick a plan that's right for you. get answers and good things will follow. call now and get up to a

Mornings on 2 FOX Dec 25, 2012 7:00am PST : ok.

>>> we're getting an early preview of the opening ceremony.

♪ >> a very early morning for the crew many of them are still asleep.

>> still so early.

>> they're not even dressed yet.

>> they're very excited.

>> this is my first time.

>> you've never been to the olympics before?

>> i've been to the olympics before but never in rio.

>> reporter: the crew is very excited.

it's a very early morning here and we're going to be live in the studio in a few hours.

>> we'll be live in a few hours.

>> thank you.

>>> more details on the crash of an american airlines flight last night.

both jets were rerouted.

the plane landed safely at lax.

the plane was headed from dallas to san francisco.

the aircraft was able to land.

>> it's an amazing thing that happened.

>> we thank god the passengers are safe.

>> one man was hurt.

he was a flight attendant and he was taken to the hospital.

he is expected to recover.

>> the passengers are safe.

i'm happy about that.

>>> a new york man is accused of killing his 9-year-old daughter and a relative.

good morning, i'm marla tellez.

>> what started as a dispute over child support is now a death kn.

Early Start CNN Dec 27, 2012 2:00am PST . >> a top u.n. official is urging the united states and iran to hold a new round of nuclear talks. you're watching cnn "early start." it's 5:00 a.m. in the east. >>> here's the latest news you need to know right now. >>> breaking news: a federal judge in virginia blocking part of the president's voter i.d. law, ruling it violates the constitution because it discriminates against minorities. >>> michael jackson's personal physician is expected to plead not guilty to eight charges including involuntary manslaughter. >>> a new york man is accused of stabbing his 9-year-old daughter and a relative to death. investigators say he told them he killed his daughter in self-defense and the other victim had an affair with his wife. >>> a former alaska state senator and her husband are now facing a second round of charges in the bizarre kidnapping case. >> you're watching cnn "early start." >>> it is just past 5:30 on the east coast. we continue to follow breaking news on the president's immigration reform plan. new details on how the plan will work. >>> also, kim kardashian

ABC7 News 500AM ABC Dec 24, 2012 5:00am PST 's a look outside at our bay area skies and it's all clear in san francisco.

it's going to be a warm morning out there.

we will see more clouds out there as the day progresses.

right now temperatures are in the 40's in the north bay.

oakland, antioch, the city of san jose, the south bay, and livermore.

temperatures holding at 43 degrees for you.

the san francisco airport at 46 degrees and that will increase throughout the day, mostly sunny skies, a few clouds to the south.

we will see a warming trend -- warming trend for the first half of the work week.

we are looking dry and mostly sunny.

the winds will be light.

we will see warming trend temperatures will rise into the 60's.

going over to the golden gate, we are expecting a high pressure system to build in the bay area that will bring clear skies and warmer temperatures.

60's in the east bay, san jose and san francisco will be in the 50's.

a warm and dry day today.


>> a pretty great morning to be outside.

how about a nice walk to the corner store.

>> maybe the grocery store.

have a great sunday.

>> thank you.

>>> time for sports.

>> all right.

>> you're.

ABC7 News 500AM ABC Dec 27, 2012 5:00am PST the university of california, berkeley.

>>> in the east bay, an american airlines flight from dallas to san francisco had to make an emergency landing at lax.

the plane was rerouted because of an engine fire.

a different plane brought the passengers to sfo.

>>> a new york man is accused of killing his 9-year-old daughter and a relative.

good morning, i'm marla tellez.

>> what started as a dispute over child support is now a death knell.

it's a story we brought you yesterday.

today the new york man is in custody.

>>> kim kardashian could be in trouble.

>> with what?

>>> and why you should not use apple product in public.

>>> good morning, i'm kevin frazier.

>> and i'm laura garcia-cannon.

kim kardashian is in big trouble.

>> with which person?

>> the whole family.

>> all of them.

>> it is not a new scandal, but it is a bit of a distraction.

>> also, the whole family is kind of distracted.

so after the whole fiasco, kanye west is posting a picture of him and jay-z on twitter.

>> what did he do with the picture?

>> he's posting it.

>> he makes a lot of money from twitter.

>> it.

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