Is Medicare Plan G Going Away?

Is Medicare Plan G Going Away?

i don't know what happened with that.

the idea of kind of the government being able to say, here's the price that you're going to pay, i mean, that's not the kind of thing that we want to see the government doing.

>> to that point, to talk about the idea of what government should do and what government should not do, it's interesting to see what the conservative reaction has been to this, especially for the republican party.

i mean, we've seen that this week that they have been pretty active on this.

we've seen this sort of -- we've seen it on twitter.

we've seen it on tv.

there have been a lot of people really trying to put pressure on the administration to not make this change.

i mean, we have seen the president himself come out and say that he is not considering this change.

i mean, this has become a pretty big deal.

and you're right.

i mean, this is not something that the administration has talked about.

it's not something that was in the president's budget.

so, again, this seems to be something that has just been sort of drawn from the ether and put out there without any kind of groundwork or any kind of policy process.

>> it's hard to believe that the administration -- >> it's hard to believe.

>> -- would have any plan to do in this.

i mean, i think one of the things that they did this week was they said that they would probably allow so-called association health plans, so that people could buy health insurance from groups other than the insurance that they're getting from the federal government.

i mean, that's something that they're going to put in place.

>> right.

that's an idea that's been kicked around for years.

that's something that the republicans, when they were in the minority, that's something that they actually put into one of the health care plans they put together.

i think part of the problem here is that this president seems to have a hard time finding a good explanation of what his ideas are for health care and what he thinks the right answer is.

it's hard to believe that he would have come up with something like this and then brought it up to his staff and said, okay, what can we do to put this out there?

>> i mean, i think this is one of the things that we've seen since the president came into office.

he has a hard time explaining his ideas.

he has a hard time explaining why he's doing what he's doing.

and i think it's a little bit of the -- it's a little bit of the product of the white house getting its butt handed to them and having to deal with the consequences of that.

>> right.

>> like, you've got to make it better and you've got to make it better fast.

i think there's also a tendency, though, on the part of conservatives to say, that is not our idea.

that is not something that we're willing to do.

>> i think that's true.

i think on the part of conservatives, they're worried about this because they think this is a back door way to get to single payer.

and i think they're worried that it's going to lead to that.

they're worried that once people are buying their health insurance from these association health plans, they're not going to be getting it from the federal government.

so i think that they're worried about that, and i think they're worried that this is a way to get there.

>> all right, well, ken, as always, thank you so much.

>> thank you, sir.

>> a controversy over a $130,000 engagement ring for the president's daughter-in-law.

we're going to get to that in the next block on "morning joe.

" we have some top news, and the good news is it's friday.

it is friday.

just about 30 minutes from now, we will have the latest jobs report for march, and we will have the numbers on the unemployment rate.

and the jobs reports are always very closely watched, particularly by the president, because he talks about them all the time.

so, one of the things that we will watch for when we get the numbers is the average hourly wage.

what is the average hourly wage?

we'll watch that number closely.

it's a number that has been dropping for a while now.

it was $23.

95 an hour in january.

it's down to $23.

40 an hour.

so, what's going to happen with it?

we will find out in about 30 minutes.

we will be right back.

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it's the final round.

let's go.

i'm peter gammons.

the moment you've been waiting for.

it's time for the ryder cup.

we have a great match, great golf.

who could have known?

oh, it's just that.

this is a difficult golf course when the wind is blowing.

it was blowing.

it blew all day.

and it was just hard.

and you saw some guys struggling.

and then you saw some guys really rising to the challenge.

>> i thought all three of them really stepped up to the occasion.

they played great today.

i thought we showed our heart.

we showed the strength of the united states.

and i think we're going to be a better team.

>> this is the first time the united states has won the ryder cup since 2008.

we have a great battle.

great golf, great match.

really great golf.

really great golf.

it's a great day.

>> great job by the americans.

the u.


has now won the ryder cup for the first time since 2008.

>> and it's the first time the ryder.

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