How To Qualify For Both Medicare And Medicaid?

How To Qualify For Both Medicare And Medicaid?

We are in the process of moving from Georgia to New York. Our daughter has health insurance through her employer. She and her husband have separate insurance policies. Both policies are through the same company. However, they are listed under separate names. They both work for the same company. She and her husband do the same job. Her policy is under my husband's name because he was hired first. I understand that if we move to New York, she would be eligible for medicaid and he would be eligible for medicare. They are both on her policy and I do not know if her policy would be terminated because they use her policy and not his. We would move to New York to keep my husband's heart transplant benefits. I do not know if the state of New York would let them both use her policy while she is on medicaid, or whether she would be on medicaid by her self and he would be on medicare by his self. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

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What is the average cost of term life insurance?

Can Obama Care help me get health insurance for my mom?

I'm 21 yrs old and I have a full time job. I just found out my mom has breast cancer and doesn't have health insurance. She lost her job two yrs ago and has been trying to get health insurance but can't because of her pre existing condition of the breast cancer. I want to know if Obama Care can help me get insurance for her. If so, how can I go about getting it?

My insurance in California is becoming expensive…?

I'm a 21 year-old adult and my parents have my insurance.

I'm looking into a plan that costs $180 a month and has a $5000 deductible.

That's a lot more expensive than my current plan.

My friend in Texas told me that if you're an adult, you can get a plan that costs $50 a month… but what kind of limitations and deductibles would there be?

I can't find anything about it online.

Everything is very vague.

I'm not sure what to do.

Any advice?



Long term disability insurance?

what are the standard factors for long term disability insurance?


Cheap car insurance for young drivers?

What is the best insurance for young drivers that are on a budget

Insurance on a Mercedes CLK320 – cost?

Does it make sense to get a life insurance policy on myself st the age of 21?

I am a student and I plan on working for a few years to save up some money before I go to school. I am considering getting life insurance on myself now, while I am young and healthy, and pay the premiums myself, so that if I die before I am 25, my family would receive the money. Does this seem like a viable option?

Car Accident without insurance?

Ok, this is a long one.

I recently bought a used car from a private seller, and it was in perfect condition.

I was driving the car around for a few weeks without any problems and I just recently stopped by the DMV to get my insurance.

I was planning on getting insurance online the previous Monday, but I was busy with work.

I was driving home from the DMV today and I was stopped at a light.

It was red.

The light turned green and I proceeded to go through the intersection.

I had a green light and I was in the middle of the intersection when out of nowhere, a truck slammed into the back of me.

I wasn't going very fast at all, so I was just wondering what the damage was going to be.

I got out of the car and noticed that my trunk was completely caved in.

At first, I thought that everything was going to be okay, but then the cops showed up.

The cop told me that I was at fault and that I would have to pay for everything.

I told him that I didn't have insurance yet, and he said that it didn't matter.

I was at fault and I would have to pay for everything, even though the only things that I was hurt were my pride and my ego.

I wasn't hurt physically and the damage to my car wasn't that bad either.

I just don't understand how I was at fault when I had a green light.

I am a young driver, and I haven't been driving for very long either.

Is there anything I can do?


"If you have a $5000 Deductible with a $100 co-pay, what kind of insurance plan is that?


If you have a $5000 Deductible with a $100 co-pay, what kind of insurance plan is that?


Moped insurance?

I'm 17 and I want to buy a moped and get a drivers license but I don't know where to start.

I live in New Hampshire, (USA) and I'm wanting to know how much it would be for insurance.

Also what is the difference between a 50cc and a 49cc moped?

Will the insurance price be different for them?

The moped I want to get is a 49cc.

And how much would it cost for just registration.

What else do I need to know before I go buy one?

I live in a really small town so there aren't really any moped shops here.

Can I buy one online and have it shipped to me?

Do I have to have a license plate or anything?

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