How To Pay For Medicare?

How To Pay For Medicare?

” and the question was, “how are we going to buy the drugs?

” and she said, “well, do you have a budget?

” and i said, “i have a budget from the insurance company that says we've spent x amount of dollars and i'm going to spend this much, and i'm going to have to buy these drugs, and i'm going to have to pay this much.

” and she said, “well, you might want to talk to your pharmacist about switching to a generic.

” and i was like, “yeah, that's not going to work.


so there was a lot of that. i had work-arounds, but there were a lot of medications that i couldn't get because i just couldn't afford it. i was lucky to find a place that had a free meds program for diabetics, which was a godsend because that's a lot of money.

somehow, someway, i got a lot of my medication, but i had to do some other things, like go online and look for coupons and discount cards. so, i mean, i lived on a tight budget, man, and i saved a lot of money. so i just had to make the decision, and i decided not to take those meds. i've been off those meds for probably two years now. i don't take anything at all and i feel great.

i still have to take my vitamin d. i still take the xanax every once in a while, and i still take my vitamin d and my omega-3 fatty acids for my hair and my nails and stuff like that. but i feel great. i don't take any of the medication anymore.

jessica: how do you feel about the way that your health insurance works now?

jake: i love my health insurance. i've got a great plan. i pay only $240 a month for health insurance, which is really, really well priced. it covers me for everything, and i've got a great doctor that i love, and i'm happy with it. i'm really happy.

jessica: what have your experiences with the health care system been like, and now you're with this insurance and you're able to afford it?

jake: i never have to worry about anything, and i don't have to run around and try to find discounts and do this or do that. because i have a really good income, i pay a lot of taxes, and so i've got good coverage. it's really nice.

i have a really good feeling about it. it's pretty well thought out. i'm pretty happy with it.

jessica: what is your biggest concern about the future of the health care system?

jake: i don't know. i mean, i really don't know what to say. i feel like we're well on our way. i feel like the best is yet to come. i feel like things are going to get better. i feel like the model is going to change. it's going to change, and it's going to be better, and it's going to be more affordable for people, and it's going to be a better model, and that's all we can ask for.

jessica: who do you think is well-suited to talk about health care in this country?

who do you think is well-placed to talk about this?

jake: i mean, i don't really know. i really don't know. i think it's really important for everyone to have a voice. i think it's important for everyone to speak up. i think everyone has a right to have a voice, and i think it's really important that we listen to the patients because if it makes it easier for you to get healthier, if it makes it easier for you to get better, then that's what we want. we want you healthy, and we want you to be well and it's in our best interest in making sure that you are, you know what i mean?

jessica: sure, absolutely.

jake: so i think it's really important to feel important, and i think we all need to have our voices heard, and we all need to feel like our opinions matter, because they do.

i think that the more people that are involved in the process, the more that we're going to make better decisions, and the more that we're going to help the people that need the help the most. i think that's really important, and we need to listen to the people who need it the most, to make sure they get the help that they need.

jessica: thank you for talking with me.

jake: thank you.


jessica: that was jake.

julie: we're going to take a break now, and in a moment, we'll be back with more conversations.


there's a lot of talk from politicians and in the media about the state of the health care system in the united states. but what does that mean for people who are actually trying to get health care and who are actually using it?

this is the state of health care in america. i'm julie kahn, and this is the state of health care in america.

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