How To File For Medicare?

How To File For Medicare?

I turn 65 in march and my husband will be 67 in oct. we will no longer be able to buy health insurance.I have diabetes and had open heart surgery in apr. of this year. I am wondering if we qualify for medicare or if we will get insurance through the state of michigan.

ANSWER: I suggest one to visit this site where one can get rates from the best companies: http://HELP-INSURE.





"How do you get a list of approved medical insurance plans?

I recently lost my health insurance when my spouse switched jobs and is no longer covered under her company. I have been researching medical insurance plans and have found that all of them (that I have seen so far) cover the same things and the same prescription drugs. I'm starting to think that the plans are just a rouse so that people will join a company and then they will get a new plan every year or so. I'm serious. I've been researching for about a week and I really haven't found any plans that stand out above the rest like the way Geico and State Farm are distinguished from one another. I'm getting very frustrated and I'm about to give up and go without any insurance at all. I'm just looking for a list of companies and what they cover or don't cover. I really don't care what plan it is as long as it covers the necessities. I don't really need a list of names. I just need a list of plans that do what I need them to do. I would just like to see the companies side-by-side so that I can see what they cover and what they don't. If you know of a website that has this list please let me know. I have already checked Insurance Agents, Health, and Health Insurance Resource, but they don't give me that information. I am not looking for a free site. I can pay for the information. I just don't know how much it is going to cost. I have already checked out Wikipedia and they don't have it. I'm really frustrated because I'm trying to do some research before I choose the plan that I'm going to have by the time my old plan expires. I can't use COBRA because it costs more than my current insurance. I can't use Medicare because I'm not 65 yet and I have no way of paying for it if I did use it. I can't use a discount drug card because I'm not eligible for one. I'm really frustrated and I'm about to give up. Please help me find a list of approved medical insurance plans. I intend to use this list to help me choose a plan. I will not buy a plan without researching it first. I don't want to get stuck with a plan that doesn't cover all the things I need it to cover. Can you please help me."

How much would it cost to get a physical in the state of CA?

I'm 21 and trying to get a job as a lifeguard in the state of CA.

I need to prove to the place that I'm working for that I am a healthy individual.

Does anyone have a rough estimation of how much an annual checkup would cost?

I know there are many factors influencing this price, but any help would be appreciated.


How much does it cost for a new brake job?

I want to know how much it costs to get your breaks fixed.

I want to know how much it would cost for just the front brakes and what it would be to get them fixed on the back.

I want to know if it would be cheaper for me to just have them done at a place other than the dealer.

How much is it for new rotors?


Car Insurance?

Hi, I am a new driver, and am going to be buying my first car soon.

I am looking for a full-sized sedan.

I have a budget of about $10,000, which I know is incredibly low.

I am not interested in buying a Toyota Camry, Honda Civic, etc.

I want a nice car, but I want to make sure it is also reliable.

I am going to be using the car for commuting to college, and am willing to go out of state to buy the car.

The question is, is it possible to get a fairly nice car for $10,000?

Also, how much would insurance cost for a 19-year-old?

I hope someone can give me some advice.


"What is the difference between individual health insurance and group health insurance?


What is the difference between individual health insurance and group health insurance?


How can i get a prescription for medical marijuana?

What do you do if the insurance company uses your money for other things?

I bought a car and the insurance company is paying for my car and it is in my name but I don't have the title yet.

What do I do if the insurance company uses my money for other things?

Supposedly I am getting the deposit back but I want to know what I should do if they do something with my credit card and get more money than I am supposed to spend.

Is the company legally allowed to charge my card more than I am supposed to spend and are they allowed to use my money for other things?

How to find great car insurance rates?

I am a single mother who will be purchasing a car in the next month or two. The car I am looking at is a GMC Envoy. I am now just looking for the best car insurance rate possible. I need insurance for two cars, my current car and my new car. Right now I have an 06 Mazda 3 and I have All State for that car. I would like to know how I can get a great rate for my new car. I am not looking for any discounts which is

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