How To Check Medicare Eligibility?

How To Check Medicare Eligibility?

i'm covered by my wife's health insurance when do i need to get my own?

What are the exclusions from Medical insurance?

My husband is on his employer's health insurance plan (they cover everyone working there) but the exclusions are: -cancer -heart attack -stroke I need to know the type of cancer that is NOT covered. I've tried looking it up but can't really tell. I need this information for a research paper that I'm supposed to be writing for class and it needs to be specific, so please don't give me broad categories."

How much do you think my insurance will go up for a speeding ticket?

I'm 17 and live in South Carolina. I recently got a speeding ticket (79 in a 65) and I'm just wondering how much it will go up. I currently pay $54 a month I think it is. Thanks :)"

What type of pain meds do I need to take for an injury?

I hurt my back and I am on vacation in a remote area. I have regular Tylenol. Do I need to get some stronger pain meds?

How do I get health insurance?

I live in Texas and I am a student. I am 19 years old. My income is approximately $2,000 a year. How do I get health insurance?

How much does a splint cost for a sprained wrist?

I fell on my wrist and sprained it. I am going to see a doctor, and I was wondering how much a splint costs, and if it will be covered by insurance."

Would it be possible to use a car as a tax write-off for a small business?

I'm considering starting a small business and want to get some ideas to save money.

I live in the suburbs, and there's no public transportation.

I would need a car for the business.

I was wondering, would it be possible to use a car as a tax write-off?

I'm also a full-time student, so the car would be used for both school and work.

I know there's a deduction for work-related mileage, but I don't drive that much.

I know I can't claim a whole car for just one business, but perhaps I could claim part of one.

Right now I'm thinking of buying a cheap used car and doing most of my driving in that and treating it as a car for work purposes.


ANSWER: I suggest that you try this site where one can get quotes from the best companies: http://COVERAGEQUOTES.




Health insurance/ medicare?

If a person does not have any health insurance and is over 65 and is retired what would they have to pay for health insurance?

I have medicare part A but I'm still paying $110.

00 a month for medicare part B.

I don't have any prescription coverage and am wondering what I'd have to pay for health insurance.


What is the best affordable health insurance for a family of 4?

we have private health care, but my husband changed jobs and my children are now on his plan. I don't want to switch them off because they would have to re-do all their physicals and I would have to pay for their eye exams out of my pocket. I am a stay at home mom and my husband makes $55,000 a year. My kids are 6 and 11. What do you suggest for the best affordable health insurance for a family of 4?

Insurance on a car i just got?

my parents just got me a used car and i need to know how much insurance would be on it.

its a 1980 chevy corvette and its paid for.

anybody have any idea how much it would be a year?

also some tips on how to get cheaper insurance would be nice.


Health insurance?

What happens if you don't have health insuranceā€¦HEALTH CAREā€¦. but you need health care?

Is a sports car considered an expensive car for insurance purposes?

What is the best health insurance for a small business in colorado?

"How much on average does it cost to get braces for a teenager?


How much on average does it cost to get braces for a teenager?


What is an individual health insurance plan?

How do I get one and what are the benefits?

What's the difference between a 944 and 968 Porsche?

My dad wants to buy a Porsche.

And he wants a 968.

What's the difference?

I know that the 968 came out after the 944.

But what was the difference between the 944 and 968.

And what is the difference between the 944 and 924?


"I'm 24 and need to get insurance, I'm trying to apply, but it won't work?


It's called Young Invincibles.

I'm 24 and live in florida, and it won't accept my DOB.

I've tried 1901 and 1979 and it still won't work.

I'm trying to get insurance because it's the law here.

I have tried to call the number, but I can never get anyone on the phone.

Does anyone have a suggestion/how to fix this?


How much will my insurance go up after a speeding ticket?

I'm 17. I was going 81 in a 45. I live in South Carolina. I was wondering how much my car insurance will go up?

How can I get cheaper health insurance?

Obviously, I can't

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