How To Apply For Medicare In Ny?

How To Apply For Medicare In Ny?

My son is 18 yrs old, with a 3 month old child his mom works and because of hard times no other income, so he does not get food stamps he is in school.

He works part time 2 days a week.

He does not have medical insurance.

He will be going back to school in January so he will have a job.

He just had a physical and they found a lesion on his liver and told him he needed to have a ultrasound the next day to see if it was cancer, he was so scared and I told him to go to the hospital and call the office he works at to see if they will pay for the ultrasound and they would not.

He went to the hospital had the test done it was not cancer he had a cyst on his liver that has been there for years, he was told to come back in a month for a check up, he should not have to pay for his test in the first place, he does not have the money and he is scared.

I am just wondering if he is eligible for medicare and how does he apply for it?

Thank you.

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"How much does it cost to insure a new car?

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