How Medicare Works?

How Medicare Works?

it can be confusing. the bill mitchell band, a group of musicians who make music and celebrate life. they're touring the country and playing it live. ♪ this one goes out to all of you. >> they're going to be playing live here on weekend mornings. >> thank you for being there. >> thank you. >> no big deal. >> i'm not going to be here for that. >> you will be. >> not on that day. megyn: good morning. it is friday, october 26th. thanks for watching. and thanks to you, i'm megyn kelly. the big story is the debate over the health care law. for the first time, the republicans have a plan to unify around before the mid-term elections. that plan is to repeal and replace the affordable care act. the president is fighting back, telling americans this is his health care law and will remain in effect. the stakes are high. the health care law is already in effect. for the first time, we have the entire republican party on the record saying what they would do if they won the house. more on that later. first, we have a lot of news to get to. the entertainment world is mourning the death of a musical legend. the

Meet the Press MSNBC Oct 28, 2013 11:00pm PDT the most important thing.

we have to make sure that health care is there for people who have preexisting conditions and protections for those over 55.

we have to do whatever we need to do to make sure this works.

millions of people will become uncovered.

and then what happens?

where do they go?

that's the problem.

we have to make sure this works.

and the reason it doesn't work is the president has ignored it.

he won't do the work.

i'm going to work with republicans and democrats to make sure this works, and i will not walk away from those 50 million people who are going to lose their health care.

>> this is a chance for the president to get back to work and to focus on what the american people want him to do.

and that is to grow this economy and create jobs, and he can't do that by continuing to play politics.

we need to fix the problems of this health care law.

we need to create jobs for small businesses, and we need to create jobs for middle-class families.

>> i think if you look at the problems with the health care law, you'll find th.

The Last Word MSNBC Nov 1, 2013 7:00pm PDT , bush.

bush health care reform, it's just not going to happen.

not going to happen.

>> that's right.

it's not going to happen.

but i do believe that any of the good ideas that come from the republican party are good ideas that will help us fix the problems with obamacare and make it a better system.

this is a big discussion, and it's a big difference between our two parties and our two candidates right now.

>> how do you feel about what president obama said about the bush administration?

this is somebody who is a republican who ran an ad in 2008 that basically said you should park your vote at the bush gas pumps.

>> that's not a good policy or a good way to win votes.

>> why do you think he is doing that?

>> i think they are two different people.

i think president obama is in a difficult situation.

i think he is being driven by his own ideology.

he has a very different vision of what our country looks like.

i think he is driven by the fact that he's a democrat.

i think that's true for many presidents in our country.

you're president, you have a different responsibilit.

Meet the Press MSNBC Oct 27, 2013 1:00am PDT very expensive, difficult and so, you know, there are a lot of people in the bush administration that are saying that if we had, you know, the way we had health care and the way they did it, it would have been a bad thing for the american people. >> you know, the other thing that the president did was he said, i'm going to be a different kind of president, and that was going to be, you know, the thing that would distinguish him from bush. he said he would be a post-partisan, pragmatic president. and i think the american people at least want to know that the president can bring people together and solve the problems and try to do that. >> i just want to ask you, peter, as a former staffer, these are very strong words for a former president. he's never been a guy who calls out a sitting president like this. it's very aggressive. it's very hard-hitting. it's really something that we haven't seen from a former president. >> i think it falls into the category of, you know, you're in the back seat and you're in the front seat. as a former president, when your party's in control of

The Last Word MSNBC Oct 31, 2013 7:00pm PDT and it's a system that worked for bush and clinton.

and by the way, a system that worked for the first four years under obama, before he added his own health care policy to it.

>> is that because of the fact that there's a lot of government money involved?

>> no.

>> because they were leaving more money on the table and we are.

>> because the system is working.

the system is working.

>> it's working and it's working for all of us.

>> back to health care.

>> i didn't say it wasn't working.

>> but you didn't want to defend it.

you didn't want to defend it.

you didn't want to defend it.

>> i'm not going to defend obamacare.

i'm going to defend the fact that we need to fix it.

>> how can you fix it?

how can you fix health care?

>> let me finish.

>> yes.

>> there are a lot of good ideas out there.

we need.

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