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>>> welcome back.

time to check on the latest headlines on the new york stock exchange.

cnbc's meg greenberg joins us at the trading desk.

meg, the futures are off by about 20 points.

>> reporter: they are off by quite a bit.

and this is the reason why.

we had two massive down days for the dow and the s&p.

the dow at its worst point is down over 600 points.

the s&p 500 as well.

obviously, a lot of people are worried that what happened today could happen tomorrow.

and that is a global sell-off.

that is what we are seeing.

a lot of concern over the chinese economic numbers.

the country's stock market is falling off a cliff.

stocks are down around 7%.

lenders are taking huge losses.

people are worried that what happened to china could happen to the u.


i was just talking to a very very big wall street firm.

and they are saying that they are worried that a recession is on the horizon.

we'll see about that.

but there is a lot of concern about that.

>>> tech stocks are lagging the market at this point.

how are they doing it?

>> they are doing it just because people want to sell everything.

there are a lot of people out there saying that the technology -- the technology sector is done.

that it has peaked.

and people are just getting out.

the nasdaq is down over 1%.

software is down over 2%.

so there's not a lot of love for technology at this point.

>> thank you, meg.

>>> we have a lot more ahead on "squawk box.

" but first, let's get a check of the markets.

>> good morning.

and welcome to "squawk box.

" i'm becky quick along with joe kernen and andrew ross sorkin.

the dow is down more than 800 points.

the s&p 500 is down over 400 points.

and the nasdaq is down over 1%.

according to the futures, stocks will open down again.

that's after a second straight day of selling on wall street.

investors are worried about the chinese economy, which is sending stocks in the united states, europe and asia lower.

the chinese stock market closed the day down 7%.

it's the biggest single-day loss since 2007.

the dow is down over 2,000 points from its high in may.

and a lot of investors are concerned that the chinese economic slowdown could spread to other parts of the world.

in asia today, the ten-year bond fell to its lowest level since december.

and the i.





to 1.


the intercontinental exchange is dropping more than 6%.

and the s&p 500 is down by more than 400 points.

>> we are seeing a lot of people out there saying that the tech sector is done, that it has peaked.

obviously, it is a cap-weighted index, and it is skewed towards tech.

people are just getting out.

>> absolutely.

i have to say, this is not something that is going to be solved overnight.

>> so what is the next step for the fed?

>> central.

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