How Bernie Pays For Medicare For All?

How Bernie Pays For Medicare For All?

>> well, i pay for medicare for all.

his plan is not to raise taxes.

that's not my plan, i raise taxes on people who make $250,000 or more.

i do it in a progressive way.

i do not believe that we should be punishing people who go to work and work hard, contribute to the economy.

we should be rewarding them.

that's why i believe in raising the income.

we had that break at $250,000, and i think that's the right number because, as you just said, we do have people who are struggling right now in this economy.

the vast majority of people do get health insurance, and i also believe we should do what we can to create a health care system that provides health care to all people, and i am more and more convinced that we can do that, to save money, and to provide high-quality care.

>> all right.

you did well in that answer.

we have another one from one of our viewers.

john, he wants to know, and i'm sure you've heard this before, that, you know, you're going to spend a lot of time fighting republicans, but there's one person you're not going to fight, and that's donald trump.

why won't you fight him?

>> i'm going to do everything i can to stop donald trump from becoming president.

>> well, he's not the nominee yet.

>> well, i think he will be.

it's looking that way.

and i think that mexico will pay for the wall.

>> okay.

you know, the issue of immigration, i want to ask you, you're one of the foremost experts on immigration in the united states senate.

if you look at the country and you say, okay, we need to enforce our borders better, we need to make sure that we have a pathway to citizenship, it's got to be a tough one, it's got to be an achievable one.

i want to border security, and i want to have a pathway to citizenship.

it's like you're a chameleon on this issue.

>> well, i think you're being very generous and kind to me.

i have a consistent record of supporting comprehensive immigration reform.

i have a very consistent record of supporting the dreamers, which is the children of those who came here illegally but are, you know, integrated in our society, are, you know, attending our schools, they're working, they're paying taxes, they're not taking government services.

for some reason, the republicans don't want them to have citizenship.

i support a comprehensive immigration reform plan, and i've been very consistent about it.

i've shown up for the ai rams.

i have passed comprehensive immigration reform when i was in the house of representatives.

i think you can be consistent and progressive and support these issues.

i'm going to do everything i can to stop donald trump from becoming president.

>> you know, there's a lot of folks out there, and i think what they're looking for is authenticity in their candidates.

they're looking for someone who has been consistent in their views and positions.

and here's the thing.

you know, you've talked about how you've got to go out and fight for the nomination.

you've got superdelegates.

you've got to go out and you've got to fight.

but in the position, it's going to be a long, uphill battle.

if the math doesn't add up, then what's the point?

you're going to fight for the nomination, you're going to go out there, you're going to spend resources, you're going to lose in the general election.

what's the point?

>> let me just say, i don't accept that premise, that, you know, i'm going to lose.

i'm not going to lose.

i'm going to do everything i can to make sure that donald trump does not become president.

if we're going to lose, let's make sure that it's to the republican candidate, not donald trump.

i think the numbers are much better.

and i think that we have a real path to winning.

and i think, by the way, i don't believe that we're going to lose in this election.

i think we're going to win.

and when you talk about authenticity, you know, we've got to make sure that our candidates are authentic.

i'm one of the most progressive members of the united states senate.

i'm very proud of that.

i got that title, i earned that title.

i've got very, very high ratings from the american civil liberties union, from the human rights campaign, from nra.

i have a long history of taking on very, very powerful interests.

i'm the longest serving independent in the history of the united states senate.

i'm not running to make history.

i'm running to make a difference.

i've been beating up on republicans for a very long time.

i'm going to do everything i can to stop donald trump from being president of the united states.

i'm not alone.

>> senator bernie sanders, thank you for joining me this morning.

>>> up next, the man who needs no introduction, a very special good morning america appearance for you.

and we are on the road in arizona.

that's next.

i'm diane sawyer, and this is "good morning america.

" >>> good morning, america.

and we are on the road in arizona for a special good morning america.

>> we are on the road in arizona.

>> i was going to say, we are on the road in arizona.

>> we're going to focus on the issues at the top of the agenda right now.

the presidential candidates and what they are doing and saying on the campaign trail.

in particular, the hot topic of immigration.

we're outside arizona, the state right in the center of the storm.

the last time we were in arizona, it was the debate where donald trump.

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