Does Quest Diagnostics Accept Medicare?

Does Quest Diagnostics Accept Medicare?

hmm, i don't know.

we'll ask them.

how did i know?

it's because i have allstate's mobile app.

it's just another way smart is convenient.

another way allstate is here to help.

>>> we want to check in with our weather center to see what's coming up this week.

we've got a nice day today.

it will be nice and dry for the celtics parade.

the rest of the week is rainy.

i think you'll do just fine.

>> it's gray and rainy.

>> what are you going to do?

>> i'm going to hang out in the basement.

i'm going to watch the parade.

>> it's cold.

>> it's a bummer.

but you know what?

the celtics are a good team.

>> it will be chilly for the parade.

but i think it will be nice at the start.

>>> we're going to have a lot more "news day" straight ahead.

>>> well, we're dealing with the commuter rail.

>>> what are you most excited for in the celtic's parade today?

we'll talk about it.

>> that's an excellent question.

>> we'll have a lot of coverage coming up.

stay with us.

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News Nation MSNBC Apr 17, 2013 11:00am PDT to the nbc washington bureau.

and the question is, how much will this cost?

>> thanks, tamron.

we're going to look at the costs associated with this.

we'll start first with the military equipment.

the u.


has given egypt between $1.

3 billion and $1.

5 billion in military aid over the last 10 years.

that includes about $1.

3 billion in cash.

that's provided through the foreign military financing program, which funds purchases of u.



it also gives egypt about $250 to $300 million in military aid annually through direct cash disbursements and oil subsidies.

the pentagon says that money goes toward maintaining and upgrading egypt's military hardware, such as purchasing spare parts for f-16 fighter jets and m1a1 tanks and providing training.

however, the pentagon says that the united states could give egypt's military aid, but in the event of a coup, that aid would cease.

the pentagon says it's reviewing the situation in egypt and that a u.


defense official says there's no indication the military has.

Americas News Headquarters FOX News Apr 21, 2013 1:00pm PDT 's nbc news, washington.

>> arthel: here in the u.


lawmakers are also weighing in on the egyptian crisis.

senator lindsey graham telling fox news the u.


is on the wrong side of history.

>> i would hold up the money.

it's one thing to work with the military.

it's another to work with the military that's overthrown a civilian government.

>> arthel: senator rand paul is calling on the u.


to cut all foreign aid.

>> we have a lot of people who think military aid is bad, but we give $1.

5 billion to egypt.

>> arthel: meanwhile, senator john mccain says the u.


should suspend aid to egypt for now and give it another look after the country's new government is in place.

>>> house speaker john boehner says he's against cutting off aid to egypt.

he says the u.


needs to work with the country's new government.

>> what we're going to try to do is determine exactly what we think the makeup of the government is.

who is in charge?

what do they stand for?

and what kind of influence do they have on the military?

and then we'll make a determination from there as to where we go.

but i think our respons.

Politics Nation MSNBC Apr 22, 2013 3:00pm PDT in the u.s. are still paying the price for president bush's iraq war. every single day. as they struggle to recover from the worst economic crisis in generations. to the tune of 80% of all income growth since the recession ended. paul ryan wants to make it even worse. he's pushing the same old tired plan that republicans have been talking about for years. take from the poor and the middle class and give to the rich. it's not just a bad idea. it's a bad idea that's bad for our economy and it's bad for the middle class. the sec. treasury department estimates that paul ryan's plan will cost the u.s. 1.4 million jobs. and that's just the beginning. the national debt would explode and increase by $4 trillion. that's the same amount of money we've been using to extend unemployment benefits for millions of americans. it's not just a bad plan. it's a plan that would make things even worse for the middle class. i'll say it again. paul ryan's plan would hurt the economy and hurt the middle class. in the end, it's just another bad idea. >>> all right. we have some news today from atlanta. a

MSNBC Live MSNBC Apr 19, 2013 8:00am PDT . >>> right now on "cbs this morning." >>> good morning, it's 8:00 a.m. here in the east. the top of the hour. we are following the breaking news out of egypt. the country's military has given president morsi 48 hours to satisfy the demands of millions of protesters or the military will impose its own road map for the country. >> secretary of state

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