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>>> turning now to the president's executive action on immigration.

the president's announcement comes a week before the two year anniversary of the killing of sandy hook elementary student robert glazier.

glazier was a guest of the president in the white house earlier this year.

he was invited to the white house by the first lady.

the president's executive action does not include a way for immigrants who are in the country illegally to get citizenship, but it does extend the deferred action policy that allows them to stay for two years and get work permits.

it also allows their children to stay for two years.

the president's action is already facing legal challenges from texas and oklahoma.

>>> now to the latest on the search for elaine carter.

lisa richardson is live in washington with more.

>> good morning to you.

the carter family is still in the headlines after elaine carter's mysterious disappearance.

yesterday, police in california arrested james edward levine for the kidnapping of elaine carter.

levine is an 80-year-old former real estate salesman who was charged in 2009 with kidnapping a woman.

the carter family is now demanding a full and thorough investigation into the disappearance of elaine carter.

they are accusing the police of making the arrest prematurely.

>> i am disappointed by the way the police department has handled this investigation.

i have a hard time believing that they could have solved this case in such a short period.

i suspect that there is a lot more to this story.

>> levine has not been charged with elaine carter's disappearance.

he is in custody in california.

>>> while the carter family is still searching for answers, cbs news has learned that elaine carter's body was found in her trunk.

this is according to source close to the investigation.

police are treating her death as a homicide.

>>> and now, here's a look at your weather from accuweather.

andrew and kate, good morning to you.

>> good morning, lisa.

we have some good news for you.

the clouds are clearing out and you can see the sun.

it is warming up.

a few showers already to the west.

and a few showers moving in from the west.

not a whole lot of rain.

but we will see a little heavier rain in pennsylvania and west virginia.

most of the area is dry.

we have a few low clouds in the north.

a few more showers in the west and along the atlantic coast.

and then the sunshine moves in and so does the heat.

today is going to be mostly sunny.

highs will be in the mid to upper 80s.

and then coast to coast looks dry.

and that is good news.

that is the warm air moving in.

and then tomorrow, you will see a lot of sunshine and the heat will build.

temperatures will be around 90 degrees.

and then thursday, a few showers in the west.

the rest of the country will be dry.

and then friday and saturday, the heat will build again.

and then next week and into the middle of next week, things will be dry.

that is really good news because we have had so much rain across the region.

and that will help the soil >> that is good news.

andrew, thank you.

>>> a new report suggests most of the money raised by the clinton global initiative is spent on salaries, travel, and overhead.

the report is based on tax forms and other financial documents.

it shows the foundation spent almost $50 million in 2011 on travel, airfare and hotels.

that is up from $37 million in 2008.

the report calls the foundation a big business.

it includes a graph that shows foundation spending on salaries and travel has increased since 2005.

it says the foundation's spending is out of line with other charities.

>>> the immigration debate is heating up on capitol hill this morning.

the house judiciary committee voted along party lines to reaffirm the president's authority to take executive action for the immigration.

the vote came as the president was announcing his executive action to extend deferred action to millions of immigrants.

the move has angered republicans.

yesterday, they voted to suspend the president's authority to fund any executive action.

>>> and senator john mccain is calling into question the president's credibility.

mccain says the president is contradicting himself.

>> i think this is a very serious issue.

it's not just a question of credibility, i think it's a question about the failure of an administration to meet the standards of responsibility.

>> the president announced his executive action to help millions of illegal immigrants stay in the country.

he says his action is not amnesty but, rather, a way to fix the system.

>>> and the big storm is weakening as it moves across the midwest.

you can see the massive system in this satellite photo.

the storm brought more than a foot of snow to the midwest.

but no major injuries or deaths.

and the storm is expected to clear up in the next 24 hours.

the snowstorm has spread across 18 states.

at least 10 people died in accidents related to the storm.

>>> a major change in the weather is on the way.

here's a check of the forecast.

>>> good morning.

did you forget about the super bowl?


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