Does Medicare Cover Long Term Care?

Does Medicare Cover Long Term Care?

(wife is going to need nursing care for at least the next year and it will probably be longer)

ANSWER: I might suggest one to visit this internet site where you can get rates from the best companies: http://HELP-INSURE.





Where can I find cheap health insurance?

I'm in California. I am a 16 yr old female that is a student. I don't have a job yet, but I'm going to get one soon. I have a low income, and I'm on a family plan with my mom, but the thing is, I'm still paying 50% for it, and I can't afford that. So I was wondering if anyone knew where I can get cheap health insurance. Thanks.

What is the best insurance company for car insurance?

I need auto insurance at the cheapest price. I am a senior citizen.?

Can I buy my health insurance from any provider?

I'm from New Hampshire.

Do I have to have insurance to be covered for car wrecks?

I am 20 years old and I'm a full time college student.

I am about to take the drivers test to get my license.

I'm really worried about being sued if I get in a wreck, because I don't have insurance.

If I get in a wreck, and I'm not at fault, will the person who hit me be able to sue me for damages?

Because I don't have insurance.

Can I just pay out of pocket if that happens?

I'm really confused about this whole legal aspect of driving.

Please help me out.


"How much is the average yearly insurance cost for a 16 year old driving a 2000 Toyota Corolla?


How much is the average yearly insurance cost for a 16 year old driving a 2000 Toyota Corolla?


I have to buy car insurance. What insurance is the best for me?

I have good driving record. I'm also a good student. I have my own used car. My parents do not have a car to add to the insurance. It is a Ford Taurus. I'm 16. I have to buy insurance before I get my license in 6 days. So what's the cheapest company and how much would it cost per month. I'm not sure if anyone can answer this because it's pretty specific. But I'm trying to get a rough estimate."

"Where can i get car insurance for under 3k?

im 17 years old, male. would live in MA. i need to find the cheapest/best insurance for a 1994 acura integra. i would like full coverage…even tho i cant afford it. im not fully sure what all that entails but i know that its the best for what i would want. i just want to know some good companies that offer it so i can get quotes and compare and contrast. thanks!"

"I need a quick way to lower my insurance. I don't have a loan or a lien on my car. I have full coverage. How can I lower my insurance?

I am paying over $200 a month because I have a clean record and my car is over $25,000.

I heard that if you take Defensive Driving that you can lower your insurance.

Is that true?


Insurance question?

I'm 17?

I'm 17 and i have 2 cars, both are insured under my parents. I am getting ready to buy a car of my own, but i need to know if i can get estimated insurance on my own so i know how much to spend on a car. If yes, than how would it work?

"Girlfriends car insurance question?


My girlfriend has her own car, but we both use it. I pay for the gas, and she pays for insurance. I am a full time student so I don't have a job. I will be getting one, but I am wondering how it will affect the insurance rates."

Average cost of insurance for a 17 year old?

I am a 17 year old male and I would like to know the average cost of insurance for a 17 year old. I am a student and am not planning on getting my license till I turn 18, but curious as to what it will be."

"Car insurance question for a 17 year old?

I'm about to turn 17 and I'm planning on getting a car soon. I'm just wondering how much car insurance would cost me. I live in California, if that helps?

What are some tips for finding cheap health insurance?

I am looking for cheap health insurance because I don't have much money. What would you suggest?

Insurance on a 2003 Mitsubishi Lancer?

I'm 16 years old and I have my permit.

I am planning on getting my license in a couple months.

I am looking at a 2003 Mitsubishi Lancer for a car.

I was wondering how much insurance would be on a car like that?

I'm also wondering how much the car itself would cost?

Do you put the car insurance card in the car?

Ok, my dad just renewed our car insurance, and the card said we put it in the glove compartment. Then down it said, DO NOT LOSE THIS CARD. so do you put it in your glove compartment or leave it in the house?

Does Progressive insurance cover tow trucks?

Hello! I just got into a fender bender and the other driver is claiming she's hurt. I have collision insurance with Progressive, but my deductible is $500. I'm not sure if this is high, low, or average. I don't have much cash on me so I'm wondering if I should wait and get a tow truck

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