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>>> the scandal involving general david petraeus that broke last week has given new life to legislation to protect service members who report sexual assaults from retaliation.

it also gives members of congress a chance to show how tough they are on sexual assaults.

i was on the defense committee when they would do this.

they'd have the hearings and the pretend to care and then they would get trumped.

they would do the bill and they'd have all the tough stuff in there and it would get watered down.

>> it's so hypocritical because they always say they're going to support the troops and yet they don't support them, because they make it impossible for them to come forward and get the help they need.

>> senator harry reid has said there's no excuse for not passing this legislation.

i want to point out this comes after the staffs at the air force academy have been under investigation for failing to report sexual abuse of cadets.

congress has a lot of oversight responsibility.

it's not like they don't know what's going on.

unfortunately, they don't act on it until there's a scandal and then it's always after the fact.

>> i think the sad thing is is there is legislation probably, but is there the political will to do it.

that's what we're going to find out.

i think the air force academy is a great example.

they saw this going on and they did nothing about it.

they turned a blind eye to it.

so we need a lot more political will to get something done.

>> we just can't keep the darndest thing quiet anymore.

>> it really isn't.

>> the latest allegations involve sexual assault on the air force academy's sports teams.

>> it's so much bigger than just one story.

>> we'll show you the other stories next.

>>> the head of the air force academy has placed the school's athletic director and the athletic department on administrative leave as the academy investigates allegations of sexual assault.

this comes after a report that the air force's football team has a culture of sexual abuse.

the bomb squad is in the university of central florida's stadium.

they're checking out a suspicious package.

let's get to the weather center.

we have a lot of tropical activity and some of it will be headed our way.

how's it looking?

>> it's a great day.

i'm going to have a great weekend.

we're going to have a great weekend.

that's the news.

it's a great day in the neighborhood.

>> i love that.

>>> we're going to check out the weather and the traffic.

then we're going to take a look at a story involving the air force academy.

a scandal involving sexual assault.

we're going to be talking about that.

>>> a day after u.


secretary of state hillary clinton was hospitalized with a stomach virus.

>>> we're going to tell you what you need to know to start your day.

the cold war is over, but the history of the cold war is still very much alive and well.

more on our next guest in the next hour.

>>> right now, more on the scandal surrounding the air force academy and allegations of sexual assault on the teams.

i want to show you some video.

let's roll that.

>> i was in the athletic dorm.

i was in the athletic dorm, and somebody just came in there and started raping me, just yanking off my clothes.

they just started.

i was completely naked.

i don't even -- i don't even know how i got out of there.

i just ran.

i just ran.

i just ran and ran and ran.

i didn't even have time to grab my clothes.

i was just running and running.

>> the air force academy says the alleged assault happened in 2010.

the victim says she was raped by a member of the football team and the investigation was covered up by academy officials.

they said they had turned the case over to the air force and that it was under investigation.

another academy cadet went public to say she was sexually assaulted by another football player in his dorm room in 2009.

the air force says "the new york times" story is an attack on the academy's honor and integrity.

>>> the obama administration says it will continue its review of the air force academy's sports program despite the investigation.

>>> the obama administration is also considering new ways to crack down on the sexual assault of female soldiers.

it's not clear if they are going to be affected by some of the recent changes in the military.

>> we are working with the defense department to determine next steps.

>> congress is also calling for more information.

>> it's important that military members have a safe way to report sexual assault and harassment.

>> the sexual assault prevention office says the number of sexual assaults in the military decreased in 2011.

there were 3,000 reported cases of sexual assault.

the military says it believes that the number is actually higher.

>>> a u.


air force general is apologizing for making derogatory comments about women in a meeting with subordinates.

he was speaking at a meeting about sexual assault prevention.

let's take a listen.

>> it is really about power.

that's what it is about.

it is about the abuse of power that exists in the world.

and certainly in the armed forces.

>> he went on to say, quote, ".

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