Do I Really Need Supplemental Insurance With Medicare?

Do I Really Need Supplemental Insurance With Medicare?

i have medicare insurance and i have no supplemental insurance to go with it.

What are the costs of insurance in New York?

I'm a college student, and I am taking an accounting class.

For this class, I have to get a job for a month and enter all of my expenses into a computer.

I was wondering if anyone could tell me what the average cost of auto insurance is in New York (Bronx)?

I am thinking about getting a car when I turn 18 in June, and I am wondering what the cost of insurance will be.

I was also wondering if anyone could tell me where I can get a New York Drivers guide, so that I know the laws of the road better?

I have been driving for 2 years now, but I only drive with my mom.

I live in the Bronx, New York.

Thanks a lot!.

ANSWER: I suggest one to try this website where one can get quotes from the best companies: http://PROTECTIONQUOTES.




Can you add a driver to your parents car insurance?

I'm 18 and have my license but I'm not on my parents car insurance, is it possible to add me to their insurance?

I only want liability coverage, no other coverage.

Will the rates increase because I'm under 25?

How do i get home and auto insurance?

im 18 years old, im trying to get a car but my parents wont let me have a car unless i have auto insurance, so i really need to get home and auto insurance, please help me im really trying to get a car but i cant because i cant get insurance and my parents arent helping me i need a car to get to school and work, im 18 years old, live in florida, and have no credit history because im young. PLEASE HELP ME!

ANSWER: I suggest one to try this website where one can get quotes from the best companies: http://insurancetocompare.




What is the average cost of insurance for a teen driver?

So I'm 17 and I'm about to get my driver's license soon, and I'm wondering how much I would pay for insurance on an old car, like a 1998. I live in California."

Do you need insurance to get the bike out of the store?

I bought a motorcycle at a dealership.

I live in Georgia.

Is there a way to get it out of the dealership without insurance?

The bike was $7500.

I can't afford the insurance and I don't want to buy it.

I was going to ride it home and then bring it back to the dealership.

I was going to tell them I forgot my insurance card.

What are the consequences of doing this?

Is this even possible?

I'm going to ride it home today.


What happens if I don't have health insurance, but my partner does?

I am going to have a baby in May. I never had health insurance, and I don't currently have it. My partner does, but he is not on the birth certificate. I will be the only parent raising this child and I will need to go to the doctor for prenatal care. Can I use my partners insurance even though I'm not on the birth certificate?

"15 year old car insurance help plz?


if you were a 15 year old male how much would car insurance cost roughly?

im getting a peugeot 106.

and i will be the main driver.


How much would my insurance cost me if I bought a car?

I'm 16, and I'm wondering how much my insurance would cost if I bought a 2008 Nissan Altima. I know it's a used car, but I'm not sure if it's a cat B or C. Or how many cc it is. How much would it cost me to insure it?

I am doing a project on teen driver's education. I need some information?

All I need is the information on where, what, how much, etc. Thank you."

I want to apply for an auto loan at a dealer?

I would like to apply for an auto loan at a car dealership.

I have no credit history, but I can offer a large down payment.

I intend to make all the payments on time and pay off the loan early.

Would this be considered a risky loan for the dealer?

Would they ask for a co-signer?

Would they run my credit?

If so, can they get a credit report without my permission?

Would a co-signer help my chances of getting the loan deal I want?

Any cheap Chinese insurance company?

I'm looking cheap Chinese insurance company for my car, anybody can recommend which one cheap and reliable. Thank you"

"I'm 17 years old, with a part time job, and I'm getting my first car, how much would insurance be?


My first car is a 1999 Mazda Protege5, and it is 4 door. I'm 17, I have a part time job, and I'm a female. Any information is greatly appreciated!"

How do I file a complaint against my car insurance?

I was driving on the highway, in the left lane, when suddenly, someone decided to pass me on the right, not even seeing that there was a car driving towards them.

The car behind me wasn't able to stop in time and crashed into the back of me.

How do I file a complaint against my car insurance?

I believe the driver behind me was drunk and shouldn't be able to have a license.

I am in Quebec, Canada.

My car insurance is a branch of LaSalle General, and I am currently with the Automobile Protection Association.

So, how do I file a complaint?


"Why is AAA cheaper than state farm for car insurance

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