Can You Get Medicare If You Are Disabled?

Can You Get Medicare If You Are Disabled?

my husband is in the hospital he has cancer and is on hospice care he is disabled and is on medicare will this still cover him?

What does it mean to be on Medicare?

Will I lose my medicare benefits if I buy a house?

I'm on medicare and paid for health insurance, I just bought a house, can I still get medicare?

Can I use my medicare to pay for my bills?

We are having problems with our medicare due to my husbands disability insurance company delaying the last $12,000 check. For their beneifit, we are behind on our bills and just want to know if I can use my medicare to pay for my car insurance bill, etc.

Will a real estate agents office be required to cover my health insurance claims through my home owners policy?

I have my own health insurance company through my job, but I am purchasing a home and the real estate agent is going to refer me to a home owner insurance company that he works with.

Will this insurance company be required to cover all of my health insurance claims through the home owner insurance company?

I don't want to have to pay for two different health insurance policies if I don't have to.

I have a pre existing condition and have applied for insurance, but what happens to my insurance?

I have a pre existing condition, and have applied for insurance.

The insurance company has told me that I will be placed on a waiting list for insurance.

My question is, what will happen with my current insurance.

I have a health insuranace plan that I pay a little over $400 a month for.

I have also put in a claim for a medical procedure that cost $850 and the insurance company is saying that they will not pay for it.

So if I am on the waiting list, and I am paying for insurance, what will happen to my current insurance?

Will I lose it if I find insurance through the waiting list?

I would like to keep my current insurance, and have the surgery that I have already put in a claim for.

I'm just really confused.

ANSWER: I suggest one to visit this web page where one can compare rates from different companies: http://QUOTES-FOR-INSURANCE.




Insurance company won't pay for doctor visit. What do I do?

I called in to my insurance company a few months ago to update my info. I didn't know either that my insurance would be terminated, but that is what happened. I have a doctors appt. and I am going to have to pay for the visit out of pocket because the insurance company won't pay. What can I do?

Can you get medicare if you are disabled?

What is the best inexpensive dental insurance?

i am looking for a plan that covers cleanings and xrays and not much else. i am unemployed and will be paying for my dental plan myself. the only other thing i need is a plan that does not require me to be a member of any sort of group that meets or anything like that. thank you! :)

What happens if you qualify for Medicare before you are 65?

I am turning 62 this year and would like to apply for Medicare early.

I know I won't be eligible until December, but if I apply now will I be able to get coverage before I am actually eligible?

I have had very bad experiences with my insurance company and I want to try to avoid them as much as possible.

I know you have to pay the premium for the time period that you are early or something like that, but what happens when you actually are eligible for Medicare?

Does it just become primary and the insurance company is just gone?


"I am 22 years old and not married, Is there any affordable health insurance plans for me?


I don't want to pay $150 a month, but I also don't want to get screwed over by some crapshoot health insurance company.

Any advice?


What is the cheapest out of pocket cost for orthodontics for a teenager?

I just need to know the out of pocket cost for the child, not including parents, not including braces, just the cost for the child to get them. I am not looking for any particular insurance company, just an idea of how much, and I would like to know if it is cheaper to do it at the age of 13 or 15. My daughter has a bad overbite, and it is starting to affect her teeth, as they are overlapping. I would like to get her braces now, before her teeth get any worse. Please no rude remarks, I am just looking for some answers. I have no insurance, and am trying to see

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