Can Us Residents Get Medicare?

Can Us Residents Get Medicare?

thanks. >> i think you would be great. >> it's time now for our friday lightning round. it's time for our friday lightning round. you have to tell us or tweet us something that you learned this week that inspired you or made you laugh. we'll start with you, jon. >> well, i learned that new york city mayor bloomberg is being sued by jon stewart for comedic plagiarism. and there's nothing more original than a joke. >> i agree. >> nothing. it's pretty good. >> that's pretty good. >> i will tell you one thing i learned that made me laugh -- i'm sorry, i'm laughing -- that made me laugh and made me cry a little bit. the trip to the west coast i took a week ago, and went to san francisco and the walk around pier 39, and i had lunch in this really fantastic atmos

The O Reilly Factor FOX News Oct 1, 2012 5:00pm PDT.

>> bill: a reminder.

all the polling in the presidential race is wrong.

there is a change in america that the media is ignoring.

the v.


terry moran, senior contributor, a new york times best selling author and fox news contributor.

and the columbia university professor who has been called the father of modern liberalism.

thank you both for being here.

i am going to start with the point of this discussion.

the latest polling in ohio has president obama and mitt romney tied at 46%.

that is a statistical tie.

it is a statistical tie.

you are both democrats.

should the president be worried about ohio?

>> yes.

he should be worried about ohio and virginia.

he should be worried about the industrial midwest.

and he ought to be worried about the election.

bill: why?

why is he in trouble?

>> he is not in as much trouble as he should be in because of the unemployment numbers.


6% percent of the unemployment rate.

if he were at 8%, someone might think about voting for mitt romney.

bill: if the president loses ohio he is going to lose the election.

>> i think he is going to.

The O Reilly Factor FOX News Oct 5, 2012 1:00am EDT president obama is really good at throwing out the race card on his own people.

you know, just like we talked about last night, he's really good at demonizing his own people when he needs to.

>> bill: he does it all the time.

>> he doesn't do it all the time for no reason.

he has a reason for doing it.

bill: what do you think the reason is.

>> because it gets him votes.

that's why.

he's not going to put it on the ballot as, vote for me because i'm black.


vote for me because i'm black and i'll give you this.

and i'll do that.

and i'll give you that.

and that will happen.

bill: you think he's doing it for electoral reasons.

>> i do.

and he's doing it on purpose.

and it's amazing that people don't see that.

you know what?

i'll tell you when i started noticing it.

it was when he said, you know, you have to vote for me.

i'm black.

i'm black like i'm black.

is that how you say it?

i'm black.

and you have to vote for me because i'm black.

>> bill: you are beginning to sound like a republican.

>> is that a bad thing?

>> bill: it is a bad thing.

>> it is?

The O Reilly Factor FOX News Oct 4, 2012 8:00pm EDT : it's the "o'reilly factor" on the fox news channel. bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. presi dent obama just wrapped up a speech in las vegas. and the president did something he hardly ever does, explain his economic agenda. he did it in terms of the jobs numbers that were released today. and he was very specific. he was very specific about how he would solve the problem. bill: the number of jobs created fell from 155,000 to 114,000. but the economy has added jobs for a record 33 consecutive months. now, obama tried to spin those numbers as positive. but he was not jumped on for bad economics. >> the bottom line is this, we're moving in the right direction. there is no doubt about it. we're moving in the right direction. >> bill: the problem with that, of course, is the direction is not good enough. the economy needs to be growing much stronger. >> the unemployment rate has fallen from a high of 10% in 2009. but it is still well above 7%. >> bill: in his speech, he tried to persuade the american people that he could do better without giving specifics. >> i'm the

The O Reilly Factor FOX News Oct 8, 2012 5:00pm PDT president obama. and i think this is part of the problem. bill: let me ask you this. you are somebody who knows washington very well. but you worked in the bush white house. and you certainly know the obama white house. if you were president obama and you heard mr. romney say what he said tonight about how to get america back on track and he said the president has failed. i would be very worried about the election. >> i think any president would be worried about the election because mitt romney is very good at pointing out things that are wrong with the president and very good at going after the president on those things. let's face it. he's going to have to say something very, very different in the next debate and very different from what he said tonight. i don't think that that will work for him and i think it's going to be a tough fall for the president. bill: it was very interesting. governor romney said he was going to play

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