Can Medicare Take Your Home?

Can Medicare Take Your Home?

we'll talk with eva hope and john boehner about what's next for medicare.

and will christine o'Donnell win again?

we'll talk with an unlikely supporter of a candidate who has said a lot of things.

don't miss “hardball,” tonight at 7:00.

>>> just ahead, michelle obama and her new children's book.

when “hardball” returns.

i'll be talking about this with chuck todd of political roundtable, and we're going to bring in that author, david maraniss, as well.

his take on the michelle obama book and the president's book, and the impact of these books on the netanyahu visit.

plus, will we get a deficit deal?

what is the president's plan?

what is the house republicans' plan?

we want to know what you think.

our way forward discussion on “hardball” starts right now.

>>> good evening.

i'm chris matthews.

talking about obama book club.

that's the discussion i'm going to have with chuck todd of political roundtable and david maraniss.

let's get it started with chuck todd.

i'm not hearing anything from the white house about this book.

they are sort of playing this down.

>> they are.

they think there's a little too much hype about the book.

they think it's good for the president and good for michelle obama.

it's a great cause, a good cause, and raise money for helping kids.

but they know that as soon as they criticize the book, it becomes a political story, and they don't want to do that.

they want to keep it on the good cause.

they know the book comes out with a lot of fiction, and a lot of nonfiction.

but they are really hoping that the book gets a lot of sales.

they know that there's a lot of interest in the first lady.

and that she will have a big audience when she comes on the book tour.

>> who is going on the book tour?

>> she is.

>> she knows how to read.

>> she doesn't.

>> she's been on “the view” a couple of times.

that's how she knows how to do it.

>> i think she's going to read from the book.

i don't think she's going to do a reading.

>> it is a book with pictures.

i don't think she's going to be doing a lot of readings.

>> it's not a lot of words.

>> she's going to be on “the view” and other places talking about the book.

they're hoping that people will buy it, and it will raise money for good causes.

but at this moment, they're not talking about it.

they're even trying to keep it off the front page in “the new york times.

” >> i think you are right.

i don't think they want to play this up as a political story.

>> not yet.

>> not yet.

but this is interesting, because it is interesting.

somebody might read this book and think, this is not the person that i would have chosen to be the first lady.

and that might be a problem for the president.

>> i think it's hard to think that a successful politician will get beat because of his first lady.

>> that's right.

>> i think she's a big asset.

>> she is.

>> and i think people understand she went to harvard.

it's a big success story.

i think the american people like that.

>> i think she's a big asset too.

>> she was smart enough to get a degree.

>> she's a smart lady.

>> the book is an interesting book.

because it's not a political book.

it's a book about her family.

you can read it and read it and read it, and you don't get a lot of politics.

but the guy who wrote the book, maraniss, is a good reporter.

he's a good reporter.

>> what's his story?

>> he's a good reporter.

he's a good writer.

he's done a lot of things.

but he's a good guy.

he's not a right-wing hit man.

>> but he's a good reporter.

>> he's a good reporter.

>> and he's obviously a friend of the first lady, because they struck up a friendship.

>> they did.

and i think michelle obama knew that he was going to do this.

and this is why she let him into her life.

she has a lot of friends, but not a lot of people get into her life.

she trusts him.

>> that's why she also did the photo book.

the last time i saw her, i went to the white house for the first time, and i asked her about the photo book, and she said, “i don't like to look at the pictures.

” and then i went to the book signing, and she said, “i don't like to look at the pictures.

” but she knew the book was a hit in her life.

and she knew she had to do it.

and she did it.

and now her first book, which is a children's book, is the number one book on the “new york times” list.

and she's raising a lot of money for a good cause.

>> you know, if you have a chance to ask the president about this book, i'.

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